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Thomas Jandejsek was born in Vienna, Austria. After finishing a five-year engineering program through secondary school at the TGM School of Technology, he started his Bachelor Studies at Modul University Vienna. As Part of his major in International Management, he had the opportunity to take further specialized management courses at Harvard University through the summer 2014.

At the age of 14, Mr. Jandejsek decided to attend an engineering program at the leading school of technology in Vienna. During his time at the TGM he served as the engineering department student representative and as vice student president, which allowed him to gain detailed knowledge in the education sector while experiencing the school as a functioning corporation. In his final years at TGM Mr. Jandejsek found his interest in management. In the year between finishing secondary school and starting university, when he had to serve the Austrian Civil Service, Thomas supervised four regional districts of the Viennese Student Union in educational matters.

In March 2013, Mr. Jandejsek began his Bachelor of Science in International Management at Modul University Vienna, a private international university with an English curriculum. Due to his academic achievements, the university offered him to work as a tutor and student ambassador. As a student ambassador at Modul University Vienna, Mr. Jandejsek acts as a “link” between the university and outside communities and is involved in the university marketing and recruitment activities. From 2013 to 2014, Mr. Jandejsek pursued the Global Advancement Program for high potential students offered by the Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs. Starting his fourth semester in the fall 2014, Mr. Jandejsek decided to further extend his studies by attending management graduate courses at Harvard University.

Mr. Jandejsek started working at age 14, which gave him the opportunity to acquire diverse work experience and essential skills while being employed in companies as: General Motors AG, Ströck GmbH, TFA-Fashion e.U., the engineering department of the Austrian Military and a financial consulting company. Attending several extra-curricular business conferences and seminars, he additionally serves as a board member of the Business Negotiation Club in Vienna.

Besides Mr. Jandejsek’s academic activities and his interest in investment banking, he pursues sports as often as possible. Five years of horseback riding, two years of American Football and ongoing triathlon competitions are only some of Mr. Jandejsek’s hobbies.  Mr. Jandejsek has adopted Michael Phelps’ credo: “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.”

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