About JCT4Education

JCT4Education is an independent educational counseling and planning service working with individuals and families to promote sound educational choices and assistance with secondary school placement, academic summer programs, undergraduate and graduate university applications. We are located in South Florida and work with students in the US and abroad.

Planning services include high school curriculum planning, referrals for psychological testing, guided research on careers and majors, building college lists, and campus visit advice.

Application services include help with managing forms and deadlines, preparation for interviews, and assistance with scholarship applications.

Our international specialization includes comprehensive guidance for international and US students applying worldwide, arranging tests of English skills, and planning for international financial requirements.


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JCT4Education does not offer routine solutions or one-size-fits-all programs. We have been in Education long enough to know that every student is different, every family is different. We will work with you individually, supporting your specific concerns and your overall objectives.

Catered to your family's needs. % 100
Unique & individual plans. % 100
Personalized. % 100
We work for you. % 100

Our Service

High school curriculum advice and planning.

Referrals for psychological and aptitude testing.

Guided research on careers and majors.

How to develop a thorough college list.

How to get the most out of campus visits.

How to prepare application forms and manage deadlines.

When to divulge difficult personal information.

How to handle teacher recommendations.

Career & resume development.

Meet Our Team

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Plans Available

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SAT Seminar
  • One-o-one Sessions
  • 5+ hours a day studying
  • SAT Testing and strategies
Psychologist Evaluation
  • Designed to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Maximize his/her educational, social, and emotional potential
Career Service
  • Portafolio
  • Resume
  • Website
Summer Programs
Boarding School
Graduate Service
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Career Evaluation
Transfer Service
JCT4Education Junior & Senior Service
  • 2 Years of unlimited college planning service.
  • Available for students on or about to start their 11th Grade.
JCT4Education Sophomore Service
  • Service tailored to sophomore students
  • Assist with the choice of classes and options
  • Summer Program Planning