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Adriana was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She started studying at Simón Bolívar University and later moved to New York City to improve her English. Thereafter, she pursued her career in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at Tobe-Coburn School of Fashion. She returned to Venezuela after graduation, where she worked with Christian Dior for a time before becoming the personal assistant for the Cisneros family, working on different projects and traveling frequently between the USA, Europe, and Venezuela.  She also complemented her studies in the Business sector at IESA Executive Education Institute. By then, telecoms had begun operating in Venezuela, and Adriana decided to venture into this new area, eventually working with Telcel for 10 years. Having had the opportunity to make great connections, Adriana and a friend saw an opportunity and took a leap, starting a Human Resources outsourcing company, contact center, and personnel placement PRC333. The main purpose of the organization was to train young people to perform with commitment. They created a particular service culture that encouraged strong values and leadership skills, thereby working with quality people that resulted in a better future for both themselves and the company. One of Adriana’s strengths is her ability to conceptualize the big picture while also paying attention to the small details.

Adriana worked as CEO of PRC333, established in Venezuelan’s main cities, with approximately 650 employees, until 2013, when she sold part of her shares and became a member of the board. She currently serves on boards such as The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), a non profit organization committed to the promotion of contemporary Latin American artists and Conectel, S.A., a corporation specializing in developing new business technology in the cable and telecom sector in Latin America.

In 2014, searching for a better quality of life, Adriana, her husband, and two daughters moved to the USA. Victoria and Valentina transferred from Academia Mérici in Caracas-Venezuela to the Gulliver School, in Miami. Changing countries and lifestyles and adapting to a new culture, as well to a different educational system, not only gave her the ability to understand what other families may go through, but allowed her to walk in their shoes and see the situation through their eyes.

When Adriana has free time, she enjoys playing tennis, golf, going to the beach, and doing outdoor sports such as cycling and jogging. She loves visiting art expositions and, foremost, traveling.

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