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Ana María Jaramillo studied Communications and Journalism at Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. She has been a correspondent for EL TIEMPO, the most influential newspaper in Colombia, Mexico City, Caracas and Miami, in the latter for almost 20 years. Also, she worked as a reporter for the 24-hour Noticiero de Colombia (broadcast daily in primetime), and she was a correspondent in Miami for the Colombian newscast QAP. In addition, she worked as a news producer for the national network Radio Única in Miami.

Since 1993 she has lived in the United States, initially in Boston, where in 1994 she was part of a research team for a joint project between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, and the University of Bergen, Norway, on the use of technology in learning Spanish as a second language. Four years later, she moved her residence to South Florida.

In 2009, her entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to investigate the power of Twitter, long before the subject was discussed in Latin America. In fact, her first book Twitter para todos, su negocio en 140 caracteres was a pioneer in Spanish on social media and became a sales success in Spain, Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

Shortly after, in 2011, she launched her second book Redes Sociales para Todos, su negocio en la Web 2.0“. The two publications made her a respected adviser, analyst and international lecturer on social media and its impact on modern society.

In 2012 she began to support a community project in Miami, which served as a bridge between high school students (grades 11 and 12) who did not have enough economic resources to prepare for the SAT and ACT and pro bono tutors who helped them. This project grew and was joined by English teachers who quietly corrected the students’ essays for admission to the university.

It was then, that Ana María understood that it was also important to inform the parents, especially the recently arrived students of Latin America, about the functioning of the educational system in the United States. The idea was that the more they knew the better they would support their children in their education process. In 2014, she began offering seminars –in Spanish– on Saturdays at several public libraries in Miami-Dade County and more than 300 families were able to benefit from these workshops.

As a result of the success of this project, Ana María received calls from her colleagues in the press to talk about her education programs and, as a consequence, the parents began to look to her for more personalized advice, a task she was engaged in before joining the JCT4Education team.

In 2017, from the questions arising in the seminars, the radio programs and the consultancies, her interest formed the topic for her third book, “College Para Todos”, a guide in Spanish for the parents of adolescents who do not know how the educational system of the United States.

At JCT4Education, Ana María not only advises students in their admission process to the university but also works with them when they have already been admitted and are attending classes. Her goal is that students will be prepared for ​​what comes next in each academic stage and can successfully complete it.

Her skill as a journalist, her research capacity and her experience with students, are combined so that Ana María has the ability to see “the complete picture” of each student so she can help them to make the best decisions.

Ana María is a Colombian and American citizen, mother of two college students and continues to live in South Florida, where she enjoys her passion for reading, writing and traveling.

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