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“Students” Not “Clients”: A Call to Change Our Terminology

“Students” Not “Clients”: A Call to Change Our Terminology There is a conversation of great importance that is not taking place in the higher educational community today. The missing dialogue concerns the label “clients,” a term we have borrowed from the corporate world and have affixed to college applicants, their families and those currently enrolled… Continue Reading

How to Prepare For Interviews

How to Prepare For Interviews Some colleges offer prospective students interviews during application season. Often, these experiences can be invaluable, but not in the way that you might think. Because not all schools offer interviews (and not all applicants are offered one; often it depends on the number of interviewers in your area) they are… Continue Reading

Should I Join the Debate Team? How about Band?

Should I Join the Debate Team? How about Band? High school is a time for exploration—academic, social, and extracurricular. It is a time to discover talents, passions, and new ways to engage with the world. Extracurricular involvement is also incredibly important in the college admissions process. Because applications are judged holistically, showing passion and curiosity… Continue Reading

After The SAT. There’s More?!

After The SAT. There’s More?!   You’ve taken the ACT once and the SAT three times. You’ve studied for countless hours, and, at this point, can answer reading comprehension questions in your sleep. You thought you were done. Now, to your chagrin, it’s time to take the SAT Subject Tests. Formerly known as the SAT… Continue Reading

How Do Universities See Me As “Holistic?”

How Do Universities See Me As “Holistic?” 2015 was the largest application season to date. With tens of thousands of students applying for a fraction of spots, how do you present yourself, holistically, to admission committees? What do admissions committees look for and in what order? The simple fact is, given the increasing number of… Continue Reading

Tips for Filling Out Your College Applications

Tips for Filling Out Your College Applications Filling out college applications can be one of the most challenging elements of the application process. One has to be very detail-oriented and organized in answering the glut of questions required. Here are some tips to be sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible:  Start early—open up… Continue Reading

Preparing For The SAT Based On Your Learning Style

Preparing For The SAT/ACT Based On Your Learning Style  That the SAT/ACT are standardized tests—that is, they measure performance based on standardized, or equal constraints—poses a challenge for many test takers as we all learn, study, test, and absorb information differently. One way to most effectively prepare for the SAT/ACT is by preparing in a… Continue Reading

Ten Tips for Writing Your College Essays

Ten Tips for Writing Your College Essays  1. Start early! Do not procrastinate. The college application process is long and overwhelming. Many students consider the essays to be one of the trickiest elements. If you have them completed early, you will save yourself a lot of stress before school begins and you have other responsibilities… Continue Reading

Collegiate Endeavors

Collegiate Endeavors TEN TIPS, START EARLY 1. Start early. In general, starting research in the spring of junior year is desirable so that families have the summer months to visit campuses. 2. Think outside the box. Perhaps following the pack or taking the easiest path is not the best plan. The college that is nearby or popular… Continue Reading

Summer Daze

Summer Daze It’s almost senior year. Where did the time go? Spring college fairs present a blur of colorful college displays. School counselors offer advice and parent night programs. SAT and ACT dates loom in front of reluctant students. Prom night takes center stage. And the run to summer vacation is in full swing. While… Continue Reading