Create a college list – How to make the perfect college list

Create a college list – How to make the perfect college list

5 tips that will help you to create the perfect college list:

1. Start early and don’t stress

It’s important to start the process of looking at colleges during junior year. Juan Camilo Tamayo who runs JCT4Education an independent counselor college planning based in Florida recommends to his students and families to include some college visits during their vacations. In this way, students can feel the college environment and be more confident at the moment of their applications. Don’t worry if you can’t travel. find out about virtual tours and search for local college fairs.

The key is not to wait until senior year to start the college process, because that is when you would have a lot of work going on and you need to be focus.

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2. Keep track

Being organized can reduce stress levels. Create a spreadsheet for all the colleges you are considering to apply. The spreadsheet should include: Programs, admissions requirements, deadlines, location and tuition etc.. Also, don’t forget to include to check off when you submitted applications, SAT scores, teacher recommendations, and other requirements.

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3. Prioritize by fit

Spending time on college search websites, talking to friends and relatives, all help you to start to determine where you want to go. It’s okay if you if you have a long list. You can can help narrow the list by asking questions about fit like:

– Do you want to stay close to home for college or go across country?
– How often do you want to be able to come home — for the weekend to do laundry or only on holidays?
– Are you looking for a small campus or a large university?
– Are certain sports, clubs, or activities must-haves for you?

It’s important to have in mind that a college may be a good match but poor fit – and this is something only you can decide.

4. Talk about money

It’s not a secret that tuition at most colleges are expensive and going up every year. Tuition shouldn’t be an automatically no for your dream school. First, make your research about financial aid or if you may qualify for scholarship. Start talking with your parents about their resources, how much they are able to pay and how much debt are they willing to take on. Having this kind of discussions before you finish your list would help you prevent wasted effort now and disappointment later on.

5. Create a college list – Keep calm and stay open

Keep calm and enjoy the process. No college decision is final. If you’re not happy with your college choice you can transfer, It’s not the end of the world. GOOD LUCK!


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