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Daniel earned his Ph.D. in English from the Pennsylvania State University. He has been a professor of writing at Penn State University, the University of South Carolina and, more recently, the University of Texas at Austin. His love of teaching and helping students to be skilled writers is rooted in the profound role that writing and learning have played in his success and achievements. Daniel is a published author whose work appears in journals such as Philosophy and Rhetoric, Enculturation, and the Journal of Advanced Composition. He has also given numerous presentations on best practices in teaching and effective strategies for working one on one with students.

Daniel is committed to and passionate about his work as a teacher and tutor. During his many years in education, he has adopted three metaphors to describe his work. He is a coach, and sees instruction as a process of training, challenging, and encouraging students in ways that enable them to perform at the highest level. Daniel is also an actor, one who can perform a variety of personas that his student audience will find engaging, authoritative, and compelling, which facilitates the learning process. And finally, he is a guide, and thus Daniel’s work involves helping students make their way through terrain that is often difficult but also edifying. He cannot travel for those he is leading, but he can confidently show them the way.

Daniel’s favorite hobbies are learning, building websites, and reading graphic novels. But his favorite way of spending his free time is hiking, playing video games, and building memories with his young son, Joshua.


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