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Heather Peterson graduated with a BA in Classics and Archaeology from Brown University, where she was a student advisor, writing tutor, and copy editor for the Brown Daily Herald. Since graduating from college, Heather has earned her M.A. in English from Lancaster University in England and her M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from the University of Florida, where she taught Composition, Professional Communication, and Creative Writing. After finishing her M.F.A., Heather spent one more year in Gainesville, FL, writing content for Shadow Health, a company that produces educational simulations of health interviews and exams to be used in the training of nurses and other health care providers.
Currently, Heather is living in Vermont and working as a Part-Time Professor of Writing at Franklin Pierce University. When Heather isn’t teaching or writing, she can be found walking her dog through the woods, cooking, or reading.

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