The JCT4Education Innovation Summit


” Connect your generation to future generations “

A unique retreat for successful entrepreneur leaders who want to step up to innovation and creativity in an intense immersion with peers.

Our Innovation Summit is a unique approach to business learning. Participants will share leadership and success from the point-of-view of peers from many industries and backgrounds. Together with renowned academic facilitators from the Miami Business School, we will explore challenges, changes, invention, best practices, goals, outcomes and responsibility. We will turn traditional approaches into innovative pursuits and explore the benefits of “polyineering – the art of bringing together unexpected and diverse disciplines to solve problems.

There is no doubt that both local and global challenges are multi-faceted and require multi-disciplined minds to create solutions that endure. The Innovation Summit will provide real-life questions and a hands-on practicum experience to answer those questions. The faculty facilitators are products of highly selective graduate schools, and they have created a top-tier business program at Miami Business School using inspired and revolutionary teaching methods. 

This is an opportunity to think deeply about creating a future, a retreat away from your business and the day-to-day demands on your time. It is a chance to see how others succeed in their own industries and how their ideas might influence your own business. It is a glimpse of the future and how to build a pathway for the generations that follow. Technology and society change, and both young and older entrepreneurs have to be able to anticipate change and embrace it fully.

We expect participants to leave with useful information, creative ideas, and new colleagues. Networking is an important outcome for the Innovation Summit. It does not have to be lonely at the top of your business organization. Here, you will meet people like yourself, who value great ideas and successful outcomes, who are hungry to keep growing their businesses, and who want to apply the highest standards to their work. We hope you will keep in touch and maybe partner with some of them in the future.


June 21 to June 26, 2020

Location: La Morra, Italy .

There is no better place to think and discuss than at a luxury Italian vineyard with fine dining and stunning views of the Piedmont countryside. This magical vineyard is a jewel in one of the finest and most important wine-producing villages of the Langhe and has contributed greatly to the wine industry in Italy. This pioneering program is about expanding your network, thinking about innovation, and embracing new technology – and it’s also about tasting world-class wines and outstanding cuisine.

Immersed in this ancient world of wine-making, we will explore the future of business. We chose this beautiful spot as a backdrop for our unique project so that you can relax in Italy’s scenic wine country, with wine tasting tours, exquisite Italian cuisine, and breathtaking views of vineyards and fields.

  • Create inventive solutions to contemporary problems. 
  • Link your generation with future generations. 
  • Foster social change with vision and imagination.
  • Experience unique residential living surrounded by vineyards.
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