What happens if a program is cancelled?

If a program session is cancelled due to low enrollment, participants will be notified in advance. A refund will be applied to your account or, if participant decides, a credit can be applied towards the next available session. In the case that the program is cancelled, it is advisable that you purchase travel/trip insurance protection to cover for the flight portion of your travel plans.

Will the tips and tricks they learn in SAT class hurt their math skills for University?

No. SAT classes focus on careful analysis of questions and determining the best method for solving the problems.  Our strategies will make the student a stronger University student.

Should my son/daughter wait to take their higher level math courses in Junior year before studying for the SAT?

No. The mathematical concepts tested on the SAT are basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry. Most of what students learn in SAT class is reviewing content they already learned but have forgotten or re-teaching content in which they have weaknesses.

What are the steps to complete the application?

Begin by clicking on the link to Apply Here! Submit your student’s information and agree to the terms and conditions. Be sure to apply soon as spots are filling quickly. If space is still available, you will be informed by JCT4Education, at which point you will be prompted to submit payment to reserve a place in the SAT Seminar. Once this payment is received, you will be sent confirmation of enrollment.

How do I reserve a space for my child?

Begin by completing the application found here https://jct4education.com/app. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail: [email protected]

When do I start the application process?

Now! Be sure to begin the application process as early as possible as spaces are filling up quickly. 

What are the emergency contact numbers at the SAT Seminar?

Carolina Jaramillo           Christian Safie             Juan Camilo Tamayo

+57 320 2714275           +1-561-542-6521              +1-561-542-1058

Who can I contact at the school to make sure my child has arrived safely?

When students arrive at José María Córdova International Airport (MED) we will call parents and let them know that their child has arrived safely. You can also contact: Christian Safie (+1-561-542-6521) or Juan Camilo Tamayo (+1-561-542-1058) for emergencies or pressing concerns.

How does my child get from the airport to SAT Seminar at Quirama?

Vans will wait for students at José María Córdova International Airport.

Students are required to arrive on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 between the morning and evening so that they can be picked up.

Do I need proof of medical insurance?

Yes. Please send a copy of your health insurance information.

Are there opportunities to do laundry?

Yes, you can always take advantage of Recinto Quirama’s laundry service. More Information here.

What is the alcohol policy?

JCT4Education SAT Summer Prep has a zero alcohol and illegal substance tolerance policy. If students are found with illicit substances they will be required to withdraw from the program. 

Is there supervision in the rooms?

Staff and faculty members will live in the same floor as residential supervisors.

What kind of clothes do we need to pack?

This area is known as being temperate, with temperatures ranging between 65 F and 75 F degrees most of the year. Rainfall is fairly constant at this altitude.

Make sure to pack some pants, blue jeans, and long sleeve button ups. You could also bring a good lightweight jacket that repels water. Additionally, bring clothes to participate in athletics (for free time).

Will there be free time?

SAT coursework begins in the morning and ends in the afternoon. The remainder of the day involves a study hall, vocabulary sessions and time for activities. Students may socialize, play sports, or make use of many of the state of the art facilities at Recinto Quirama.

What is the food like?

International cuisine. Please click here to see food menu.

What are the accommodations like?

Recinto Quirama is a beautiful hotel equipped with 55 rooms. Each student will share a room with another student. Students can make roommate requests if desired (find pictures here).

How is Recinto Quirama like?

Recinto Quirama offers a peaceful environment for students to concentrate and relax. It is located 1.8 miles from San Antonio de Pereira. San Antonio de Pereira is the sweetest town in Colombia; it is heaven for those who love Colombia’s traditional sweets or “dulces”.

Recinto Quirama is equipped with cozy rooms with fireplaces, a sanctuary called Saint Francis, and an astronomical observatory.

Where is the SAT Seminar located?

The SAT Seminar is located at Recinto Quirama, a beautiful Spanish Colonial Hacienda located five minutes from San Antonio de Pereira and forty minutes from Medellin.

Where are JCT4Education students from?

All over the world! JCT4Education is proud of hosting the SAT Seminar Program with an international and multicultural background. We take great pride in the diversity of our students and life experiences. (Click here to see an interactive map)

Do I need to bring additional pocket money?

We suggest bringing pocket money; $200.00 (USD) should be sufficient. You will have opportunities to shop, buy food, and explore La Ceja during excursions. You may find that pocket money is handy during these trips.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes. Both students will have to contact the program coordinators to make the request in writing.

How will the recently announced SAT changes affect my son or daughter’s test preparation?

Since the redesigned SAT will not launch until spring of 2016 most students will not be affected by the changes.

For those students who will be taking the test in spring of 2016 or later, the SAT strategies and content they will learn in class will be the same strategies and content they will need to do well on the redesigned SAT.

Many of the strategies they will learn in class, such as prediction and finding evidence for their answer, will be even more valuable on the redesigned test.