Robyn Scott

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Robyn Scott has been teaching SAT, ACT, AP for over nine years–she has over 7,500 hours of test prep experience. She also has vast experience teaching ESL. In her tutoring, Robyn stresses goal-oriented outcomes and has had remarkable success with helping her students reach their goals. She holds a BA from the University of California, Irvine (magna cum laude), and an MA from the University of Southampton (located in Southampton, England). At UCI, Robyn served as an advocate for Disabled Student Awareness. Robyn also founded an online virtual mentoring program, Roeper Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP), to help first-year college students in their transition from high school to university life.

While studying in England, Robyn spent her time admiring the architecture, traveling, serving as an outreach mentor, and meeting her extended family. When she isn’t teaching, Robyn enjoys cycling, fostering kittens, running, and architectural photography–particularly Gothic and Romanesque styles.


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