“We thank you and the entire team at your company for the great result obtained by David on the SAT. David has always been an outstanding student and this allowed him to achieve a good score on the SAT practice tests, however that score was not enough for the universities to which he aspired. The continuous and concentrated practice of the techniques that David learned in the JCT4Education Seminar in Medellín, Colombia, allowed him to increase his performance in the test in order to reach the outstanding score that will allow him to aspire to the best universities in the world.”

– Ricardo Nieto, Parent, Bogota, Colombia – 

“My son Manuel Rodríguez, who participated in the SAT seminar in Medellin, Colombia, in 2016, was finally accepted to five amazing universities.

I want to thank you for your help and guidance from the beginning of this process (the trigger was undoubtedly that first SAT course), in giving my son the guidelines to move forward in this process that successfully culminated a few days ago.”

– Mariana Lloreda, Bogota, Colombia – 

“JCT4Education Summer Prep was very professional; I improved my SAT results beyond my expectations and I especially benefited from the college essay writing workshops. I also met amazing faculty and students and made many unforgettable memories in and out of the classroom! This program is amazing both academically and socially; I am confident to go into my senior year.”

– Alara Saygi, Turkey/Russia –

“When my mother told me that she was sending me to SAT camp for three weeks I was extremely skeptical. After arriving, my whole perspective drastically changed. I had the time of my life during those three weeks at the JCT4Education Summer Prep and I also improved my SAT score by nearly 400 points. The instructors were all extremely knowledgeable, highly trained teachers, flown in from all parts of the world by Juan Camilo to ensure that his students received the best preparation and nothing less. The instructors were so amazing at teaching and training us for the test. The staff of JCT4Education truly was so welcoming and they worked around the clock to ensure that all of our needs were met. The Saint Andrews campus was very beautiful and the location was extremely convenient, especially because the dorms, dining hall, athletic facilities, and classrooms were in close proximity. The students were all diverse, but we had the same end goals and that helped us connect with one another. Through this experience I met people from all over the world and have made friendships with the most unexpected people. Although we did work hard, we also had tons of fun: we went to Key West and snorkeled, had amazing southern food, lounged on the beaches of Naples, and kissed alligators in the Everglades. Overall, the camp is very intense and requires hard work and dedication to learn how to crack the SAT, but there was never a dull moment and I truly enjoyed myself. I would recommend this summer prep to anyone who is looking to improve their test scores and have fun doing it.”

 – Mariana De Vengoechea, Colombia/USA –

 “l had a great time at the JCT4Education SAT Summer Prep. The teachers and the students were accommodating and they treated us like we were more of a family than a cohort of SAT students. The weekend outings were fabulous. If l had to describe the summer prep in one word: extraordinary”.

– Alpha Ngwenya, Zimbabwe –

“Attending JCT4Education Summer Prep was one of the best decisions my parents and I made. Incredible instructors, supportive counselors, and helpful staff from St. Andrews School made it an experience I will never forget. From the moment I got there I felt very welcome and at home because everyone who is part of Juan Camilo’s team works to help get young adults (like you!) the education they need. They push student to do their best. Everyone at JCT4Education wants to see the student’s progress and success. Along with the excellent improvements you will get on your exams, you will make friends, work as a unit, and bond with a very diverse group of people, all of which made Summer Prep fun.”

– Isabel Abril, Colombia/USA –