The Innovation Summit: Polyineering

Faculty from the Miami Business School will moderate the learning environment:

Professor Shalom Saar is a globally renowned leadership educator.  Dr. Saar will open the Innovation Summit with the “Colors of your Mind,” an experiential session that delineates the hard and soft skills of the brain and affords color-coded mindsets within organizations, showing the balance and breadth of a full spectrum talent pool.

    • Learning to lead with empathy and without authority is the future of the best communicative and adaptive enterprises. The session is an interactive and highly engaging exercise.

Professor Henrik Cronqvist is an internationally regarded fin-tech scholar. His research involves inter-disciplinary exploration in behavioral and corporate finance. His work is published in top-journals and he is often sought for panels and lectures on world economic topics.

    • Dr. Cronqvist will lead a discussion centered on the current economic status of Southern Florida, including micro lending trends and the pulse of innovation between the Americas.  The session is a give-and-take of perspective including student, CEO, homemaker, winemaker, and executive talent.

Professor Michael Wilson is an entrepreneur and engineering education specialist. Having started several technology firms, Wilson is known for hands-on workshops that frame team dimensions and provide up-skilling through radical collaboration.

    • M.D. Wilson will scaffold his revolutionary “Polyineering” framework that draws on the varied cognitive mindsets that bring entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, dreamers, and doers together in an explosively creative atmosphere.

The blended learning environment facilitated by Miami Business School faculty will connect and network families and participants from a variety of disciplines, genres, and backgrounds. Indeed, leadership and entrepreneurship are intricately connected and when put together under an umbrella of entertainment and education, a radically new result is possible.