Fabiana Macedo

Deeply grateful to work with Juan-Camilo Tamayo, Ana Barr and Christian Safie. It was more like a family experience than a professional experience.

As parents, feeling confident that our most precious beings are wisely accompanied, makes us feel immensely fortunate. It was a privilege to share this journey with you...The feeling is that our daughter was not only oriented in her professional vocation, but was also guided comprehensively with her intellectual abilities, talent, preferences, social and family environment and how to be completed as such.

The process involved us all in one way or another that we feel you are like family now. We hope that soon you can help us in the same context with our other children and even us, as parents.

- Macedo Rodriguez Family, Parents of Fabiana Macedo , Venezuela/Miami, Class of 2023 -



Nicole Schwyn

I want to thank Juank and the JCT4Education team for helping my parents and me through the application process. When we started working, I knew exactly where I didn’t want to study as well as a couple of schools that I was considering, but if it wasn’t for Juank, I don’t think I would be able to say that I got into some amazing schools that I would not have considered in the first place.

Juank understood that I didn’t want to go to some big-name school like a lot of people were expecting me to, but that I also didn’t want to end up in a small school in the middle of nowhere, and if it wasn’t for his support and his contacts throughout the university world, I probably would not be saying happily that I committed to an amazing school.

He even gave me an amazing opportunity to work alongside his team during the summer, and because of that, I was able to discover what he and his team does behind the scenes. Juank and his team do everything in their power to strengthen each of their “client’s” (although I know Juank does not like it when the students he works with are called clients, they are students) applications and ensure that they find the school that is right for them.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Juank and his team for everything they have done for me, and I have greatly enjoyed working with them as a “client” and fellow employee and hope that we continue the friendship that has come from this.

- Nicole Scwhyn, Student, Key Biscayne/Colombia, Class of 2023 -

Alexandra Moreira-Rato

We have worked with Juan Camilo Tamayo and his JCT4Education team, Anna Barr, Christian Safie, in the application process to the university of our third child. We were impressed with the personal involvement they had, in which they made us feel, at all times, that the process of our son was their priority. Excellent professionals, detail-oriented, involved, have demonstrated their great capacity and knowledge in their area of work. They have been everything one expected, and more.

It is easier to criticize than to give compliments, in your case it is the other way around.

- Alexandra Moreira-Rato, Parent,  Class of 2022, Spain -

Monica Aristizabal

To the entire JCT4education team, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for your effort, dedication, and support during all these years. You gave us much more than we ever expected to receive, you made us feel like family. The way you cared for us was priceless, the constant words of encouragement, the wisdom you shared with us, the light you brought to us in moments of uncertainty, your support and the unconditional love for Nicole was amazing. For us, the greatest blessing was to see the connection that you created with Nicole. To know that Nicole was not just another "client" but a person that you cared about was comforting. There are no words to thank you enough or to express our gratitude.

Hugs and kisses!!

– Monica Aristizabal, Parent, Key Biscayne –

Alberto Franceschi and Veronica Maggio

We are very grateful that Alberto had the opportunity to work with Juank, Ana María , and the whole team. Their commitment to help being successful during his admission process was above and beyond.

One of the thins we were most impressed and valued more was the great connection and empathy they had with Alberto. They cared for him. They were patient and supportive but firm at the same time. They empowered him , filled him with motivation, and gave him more confidence that helped him do his best.

We , as parents, as well as Alberto, Felt less stressed because of how the process was managed. This was an incredible experience.

- Alberto Franceschi and Veronica Maggio, Parents, Key Biscayne -

Camille Brechot

Juan Camilo and his team helped me achieve my dreams and made me a better student. I really would not be where I am right now without them.

- Camille Brechot, Student, Puerto Rico, Class of 2023 -

Lina Triana

We met Juan Camilo several years ago after my twelve-year-old son returned from my husband’s dream summer camp, all about outdoors and sports, where he was supposed to have fun, but this just did not happen. We then sought for help and found Juan Camilo through a friend’s referral. After this and with his help my son started a discovery and growth period regarding his true passion. It was really amazing when my husband picked him up from one of his technology summer camps and the teacher said to him: I am impressed with your child, he is only 13 years old, but he already knows what he wants in life. My husband next question was, why do you say that? And he answered, well, he was asked three simple questions and he answered them without hesitation: 1. What do you like to do? Draw, but I am not good enough. 2. What do you consider yourself good at: Computers. 3. What do you want to do when you grow up? Draw through a computer. So, there he was, a 13-year-old, very clear on what he was passionate about: drawing and computers. 
Well, and to make a long story short, today my son is following his passion, he is studying Interactive Media and Game Design at the college he wanted. Thanks to Juan Camilo’s guidance and the support from JCT4education team, here I want to do a special mention to Carolina. 
Juan Camilo is not only a professional in helping discover the passion in each student, but he has a special gift, something you cannot learn in college, one can truly tell he loves what he does, it almost seems like this is not a job for him, he puts his heart in his work, worrying about the students almost as if they were his own children, empowering them to be happy.
I truly believe that the only way to really enjoy life is to discover what you are most passionate about and get to live your passion as soon as possible. When we love what we do, even when unfortunate circumstances arrive, we confront these situations in a positive manner as part of the journey we need to live to continue doing what we most love: living our passion. 

Don’t we all want our kids to be happy?
Do not hesitate and seek for Juan Camilo’s advice.

- Lina Triana, Parent, Cali, Colombia -

Santiago Romero

Juank is extremely knowledgeable and has helped guide me through every step of the transfer process, making everything less stressful. From day one, Juank and his team have been very helpful and I want to thank them for that.

- Santiago Romero,Transfer -

Patricio & Josefina Campiani

Juank and his team have been amazing in so many ways that it’s hard to choose where to start to describe them. For starters, they coached Marco and helped him find his true passion, and they could do this because they connected and cared for him deeply. They challenged him in a masterful way to bring out his best, stretch and aspire to great things. Juank has the unique ability to be both caring and nurturing, and firm and challenging. The impact of this process goes beyond getting into a great school and will last a lifetime, as Marco has grown in confidence, maturity and inspiration. We are very grateful! 

  • - Patricio & Josefina Campiani, Parents, Key Biscayne -


Ana Maria Gomez

Sometimes, we would think that when we go to college, we already know what we want, but the truth is that this is not always the case. It took me two years to realize that I was in the wrong place and studying the wrong career…this was not easy to absorb, much less the decision to change university was slight. Juan Camilo, Christian and the entire JCT4Education family were a huge support in my decision to change university. They accompanied me throughout the application process and were always willing to help me with my thousand and one questions. It was an excellent experience to have had the opportunity to work with a group of people who really care about seeing you happy with the results. After all, the university is our space to grow and to perform as individuals outside our homes and that is why it is so important to choose a place that allows us to do exactly that.

Many thanks to JCT4Education for helping me find the right place for me.


-  Ana Maria Gomez, Cali, Colombia, Transfer -


Don & Dina Colantrello

As the parents of two children, our son entering his second year of college and our daughter about to start, we must express our deepest thanks for all of your team’s work. Both our children had such professional support with JCT4Education keeping them organized and focused on the target during the application process. As with every child, each of our children offered different strengths and opportunities. JCT4Education empowered our children to use them. Your team offered our children choices and both seized the moment, finding success in their next steps in life.

Juan Camilo, you have created an incredible organization and team. Our family thanks you, Anna Barr and the entire enthusiastic and motivated ensemble of JCT4Education. You change lives, one at a time, through flexibility, perseverance, tenacity, determination and patience. 

- Don & Dina Colantrello, Parents, Miami, Class of 2022 -

Carolina Ciano

I would like to thank Juank and the whole JCT4Education team for making my college application process such a smooth and easy ride. When junior year hit and college applications started to become a reality, I sat frantically in my room wondering how I was going to work through the college process all by myself. Without JCT4Education, I highly doubt that I would have gotten into the school of my dreams. The way that Juank communicated with me was amazing; he was always available to answer my questions regarding whatever topic and he was always alert about any news.

The people who work with Juank are very friendly and resourceful as well. I found it very helpful how he has an individual person for every aspect of the college experience such as financial aid, essay writing, etc. Juank has the ability to think outside the box and come up with incredible ideas. Without him I wouldn't have written what I consider one of my most amazing essays that I believe got me into amazing schools.

I really enjoyed my experience working with JCT4Education and would recommend it to everyone. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to all JCT4Education team members, thank you for being there and for pushing me to do my best!!

- Carolina Ciano, Student, Argentina/Miami, Student, Class of 2022 - 

Dino Vierci Vitti

I’m the oldest of 3 siblings and I’m the first one in my whole family to study in the United States. My parents and I had no idea what to do for the college application process, which is why I’m eternally grateful to Juan Camilo and his incredible team. They opened up doors to amazing colleges and guided me through the whole process. They gave me a sense of peace and clarity in this very stressful stage in my life.

- Dino Vierci Vitti, Student, Miami/Paraguay/Brazil, Class of 2022 -

Laura y Edgardo Armando

To say, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you very much for all your help,” is not enough!

The first day we met I explained to you that neither Edgar nor I had studied in the United States, and therefore we had no idea about ​​the process. You gave me so much confidence and tranquility that I left everything in your hands. I always tell my friends that they HAVE to hire your services because the help that you, Annita, and all of the team have given us is the best.

Every question we had, you or Annita have been there to answer it. One day you told me that you could not talk because you were at the top of a mountain with a group of people, and, literally, you are at the top!

To arrive at the universities and see that someone is waiting for Sol, to guide us, to answer our doubts, to help us find the dates to go, to do all the important and boring part of registrations, deadlines, to be on top of Sol with her essays, to know that you notice features of her personality that I thought only I knew, that speaks highly of your commitment and your staff.

You earned my trust from the beginning, I knew that everything was going to work out in the best way and I was right.

We are very happy for Sol and for the university she is going to! It was a great experience working with you since day one!

Thank you!!!

- Laura y Edgardo Armando, Parents of Sol Armando, Argentina/Miami, Class of 2022 -

Victoria Ruesch

As a student, I could not be happier with the way in which Juan Camilo and his incredible team guided me through the college admission process. There is no denying that applying to colleges is highly stressful; however, from the first day that I met Juan Camilo, I felt a sense of relief knowing that I had someone so prepared and kind to guide me. Juan Camilo and his team made me feel highly equipped to take on college applications. Not only were they highly organized and ready at all times to take care of any problems, questions, and concerns, but the whole team was extremely welcoming; they were charismatic and amicable. It was beautiful to work with them.

Before meeting Juan Camilo, I recoiled from talking about colleges. Whenever my family or school administrators would bring up the whole application process, I would feel immediately stressed. Thankfully, after meeting Juan Camilo, I completely changed my attitude towards this process. They gave me deadlines, organized lists of things that needed to be completed, and advised me as to how to truly demonstrate who I am to colleges. I felt secure, ready, and happy with my applications. I spent months being terrified of the college process and of feeling insecure about my abilities, and now, thanks to the whole team, I was accepted by my top choice! I could not be happier, and I am extremely grateful for everything that you guys have done for me. You're amazing, Juank, thank you!!

- Victoria Ruesch, Student, Argentina/Miami, Class of 2022 - 

Maria Odri

Almost a year ago a friend recommended me to Juan Camilo. He had assisted her son with great success in being accepted to a good university, though it seemed like it would be difficult for him to achieve.

My daughter had no problems with her school records and her SAT score was very good, but a big scary event had paralyzed her life. The counselor at the school told us not to put pressure on the girls because we would not get them out of their secrecy and added: they are living the most difficult moment of their lives, the transition from children to adults, and the decision they made now would mark their lives forever. Then I was in shock too.

I remembered my friend's recommendation and I called Juan Camilo.

We had already been told that he is a great professional with a brilliant team, and that's all true, but I was surprised that he is also such an unbelievable human being, someone whose warmth and gift of goodness suffuses everything he does. He not only knows how to do his job well, facilitating everything, but his friendly way, self-confidence and sense of security in what he is doing lit the light from our first visit.

Today, after receiving the good news of my daughter’s admission to a university I consider to be one of the best in the country, I am so grateful to have had the help of Juan Camilo and his team.

I could keep writing many more good things about him, but briefly, I can only say that I highly recommend his assistance to all those who are about to start the process of college admission.

- Maria Odri, Parent, Argentina/Miami, Class of 2022 - 

Fidel A. Cortes & Nhora Pereiro

JTC4Education was definitely fundamental in the process of selecting the most appropriate MBA program for our son, Camilo Andrés, to attend. The advice and guidance this firm offered provided our son with different university options to study his specialization. The added value of knowing the different procedures and the contacts in many top-level universities in the United States helped our son gain acceptance to several universities in pursuit of his MBA.

Certainly, this company, represented by Juan Camilo Tamayo and Carolina Jaramillo, minimized the incertitude involved in the process of selecting the institution at which our son will study for the next two years.

Given the importance to the future of our son, we want to thank you. We recommend JCT4Education in a very special way.

- Fidel A. Cortes & Nhora Pereiro, Parents, Bogota-Colombia, Graduate Student - 

Mariana Lloreda

My son Manuel Rodríguez, who participated in the SAT seminar in Medellin, Colombia, in 2016, was finally accepted to five amazing universities.

I want to thank you for your help and guidance from the beginning of this process (the trigger was undoubtedly that first SAT course), in giving my son the guidelines to move forward in this process that successfully culminated a few days ago.

- Mariana Lloreda, Bogota-Colombia, Parent, Class of 2022 -

Ricardo Nieto

We thank you and the entire team at your company for the great result obtained by David on the SAT. David has always been an outstanding student and this allowed him to achieve a good score on the SAT practice tests, however that score was not enough for the universities to which he aspired. The continuous and concentrated practice of the techniques that David learned in the JCT4Education Seminar in Medellín, Colombia, allowed him to increase his performance in the test in order to reach the outstanding score that will allow him to aspire to the best universities in the world.

- Ricardo Nieto, Parent, Bogota-Colombia, Class of 2023 - 

Camilo Cortes

“The experience with JCT4E was fantastic. Besides giving me constant follow-ups throughout the process, the staff was always eager to solve any doubts I had with immediate solutions. I felt like I was never abandoned throughout my application process. Additionally, JCT4’s staff always gave me valuable advise regarding each University’s quality. For someone who is serious about going to a good college, I highly recommend JCT4 Education!”

- Camilo Cortes, Graduate Student, Bogota-Colombia, Class of 2020 -

The Isaza Family

We are extremely grateful to Juan-Camilo and his team for guiding our daughter Isabella, through the overwhelming process of finding the right college fit for her and aiding in her preparation to achieving her goal. JCT4Education’s thorough dedication and constant support propelled Isabella’s pursuit and achievement of being accepted at the university of her dreams!

Thank you for your professional guidance and friendship Juank.

- The Isaza Family, Miami/Colombia, Class of 2021 -

Alejandro Tamayo

I would like to thank JuanK and the entire JCT team for years of guidance, which helped propel me into the optimal position when making my college choice. JuanK and the JCT team pushed me to revise and improve my college application material over and over to make sure each of my applications was nothing but great.

JuanK guided me through the process of looking into colleges that would fit my needs and provided me with good academic standing to further my knowledge at a strong medical school. Throughout the extensive college process, JuanK helped me better myself by pushing me to improve my SAT scores, essays, and extracurricular activities.

JuanK skipped no corners when it came to assisting me in the college process, focusing on every detail and stressing the importance of revising essays and applications multiple times. JuanK’s influence and knowledge of the admission process helped me to be in the position of choosing from many great institutions that I had not imagined could be possible!

Thank you for everything JCT4Education!

- Alejandro Tamayo, USA/Venezuela,  Class of 2021 - 

Mari & Jon Secada

We can't thank JCT4Education enough for their expert analysis and guidance in our daughter's college admission process. The staff was truly dedicated and committed to making sure all our needs were thoroughly addressed.

- Mari & Jon Secada, Parents | Miami, FL | Class of 2021 -

Alberto, Linette y Ariela Cohen

I do not know how to begin to describe our experience working with JCT4Education. Since the day we called to ask for support for our daughter Ariela, they have only had positive words that we all want to hear—this is the time when young students are very anxious about their future and what university they will attend.

Their professionalism helped us remain calm at all times. At times of day when only the Cohen Family would think to call to ask a question, they answered our calls and gave us their best advice. What can I say, Ariela always felt their love and great support.

Each time Ariela did well they celebrated her successes as a team with the phrase: "We are very proud of you, Ariela." What more can I say! If I had more children I would not hesitate to have the JCT4Education team as consultants ... Thanks Juan Camilo, Christian, and the whole team! Today we repeat your words: Ariela has found her little house for the next 4 years.

In El Salvador you have a family that keeps you in high regard!


- Alberto, Linette y Ariela Cohen | San Salvador, El Salvador | Class of 2021 - 

Eric Newman & Ashley Newman

This is the second child that I have gone through the college process with.  With my son I had used a highly regarded college counselor recommended by other parents. My son worked with his college counselor for two months, primarily on applications and essays. When the process was over, I hadn’t even had the chance to meet the counselor. 

With JCT4Education and Juan Camilo, the experience was totally different. Juan Camilo has an unbelievable passion for his work and the students whom he counsels. His ability to connect with the students at a professional and personal level is quite remarkable. He worked with and advised my daughter Ashley for 18 months. He was able to articulate what my daughter was all about, her dreams and aspirations.  He guided her through all career possibilities to find the right school that would best fit her. I had never seen my daughter so committed and engaged. She never missed an appointment; in fact, she always looked forward to her meetings with Juan Camilo.  As a single father overwhelmed with work and keeping up with a house, I found Juan Camilo support to be invaluable. He was always available to meet with me to discuss Ashley’s progress, and he advised me how better to support my daughter in such an important and life changing process.

With Juan Camilo you get the best of both worlds: the attention, dedication, care and advice of a top-notch counselor and the support of a platform of professionals that are part of JCT4 Education, a team of specialist who are there to support the students 24/7. The future of our children is Juan Camilo’s passion; he takes it all the way.

When we did the college visits, I was so impressed how everyone knew Juan Camilo. I could not believe how well connected he is with his peers at the universities. This is critical—because Juan Camilo has worked at a university, he knows intimately how to navigate the college admission system.

Ashley and I could not be happier with the outcome. She was accepted to her top choice college. Even though it was a far reach for my daughter, Juan Camilo always gave her the confidence to try for her dream school. 

In short, Juan Camilo becomes part of the family! I look forward to many years of friendship. 

- Eric Newman, Parent, Colombia/USA, Class of 2021 -

Juana Diez De Onate

I want to thank Juank and the entire team for helping me throughout this arduous and important process. Everything I know and have achieved is a result of the mentoring of the amazing group of people Juank presented me with. They not only meet all expectations, they exceed them. The JCT4Education team works in a very difficult environment, adapting to every type of student seeking their help. Students are demanding and often inflexible. It takes a team filled with great talent, creativity, and perseverance to succeed in a task as difficult as theirs. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their hours of hard work. Their guidance was pivotal in my application process. Their advice and support brought me amazing opportunities!

Thank you for everything!! 

- Juana Diez De Onate, Student, Argentina/USA, Class of 2021 -

Vicroria Roca

Juank, first of all, I want to thank you and the entire JTC4Education team for accompanying me in this important process in my life. No matter what happened you always had faith in me, and together we achieved something that I never thought would happen. The adrenaline at this moment goes far and beyond, and I cannot find the words to describe this feeling. I am so grateful to you for being the one next to me all this time!! For this, and for many other things, THANK YOU! I wish you only the best, you deserve it, Juank! You're amazing.

- Victoria Roca, Student, Venezuela/USA, Class of 2021 -

Familia Conde-Barona

As parents of Isabel, we decided to support her process of entering a university in the United States; and the support of JCT4 Education, was the most appropriate choice.

After successfully completing our process, we wish to express our sincere feelings of gratitude, admiration and affection for Juan Camilo, Carolina, Emma and all of the team. Today, we feel that they are part of our family. Their professionalism, constant accompaniment, affection, their gift of being people persons, and their great experience and knowledge were definitive in Isabel's process, and overall it was a learning experience and example for us.

Congratulations! Juan Camilo!!! And team! Thanks a million!!! You are super professionals!! You have a wonderful company! A team formed to the height of your managerial style and of great quality!! Success to you all! And our love forever!

- The Conde Barona Family, Cali, Colombia - Class of 2020 - 

Isabel Conde Barona

Applying to universities and choosing a major are some of the most important decisions towards preparing for professional life, because it marks the path that the human being has to follow for the rest of the life. It is the moment when one determines where the bases and foundations will be built to be a successful and happy person. For this process, in my case, with the support of my family, I decided to work with Juan Camilo Tamayo at JCT4Education, for his excellent reputation and it was definitely the best decision I could have made.

After working with Juan Camilo, Carolina, Emma and their great team, I was able to enroll an excellent university in the United States, where I am happily starting my undergraduate studies. I am more than grateful to JCT4Education for its professionalism, dedication and positivity at all times in the process. In the most difficult moments, Juan Camilo and his team were always available, guiding me correctly and professionally, impelling me, and accompanying me in my process until I reached my goal. This is the best decision I have ever taken in my academic life.

- Isabel Conde Barona, Student - Cali, Colombia, Class of 2020 -

Andres Ricketts

When I finished my Associate Degree studies at Miami Dade College, I needed to transfer to another institution to obtain my Bachelor's Degree. To be honest, I had no idea how much work was involved in the transfer process. I am extremely grateful to have met the JCT4Education team, a great team. Juank made me realize the potential I have and what I am capable of in this life. The whole team backed me up during this long process; I received nothing but unconditional support. The process of “International Transfer Student” is quite complicated and I know that their dedication and support made this process less stressful. I am very happy to have met Juank as my mentor and as a friend. His advice and support gave me the opportunity to enroll in my dream school and I could not be more grateful for it.

- Andres Ricketts, Peru/Miami, Class of 2019 -

The Quintero Malave Family

I would like to thank the JCT4Education Team for their support and advice, because when reaching the most important and crucial stage in a child’s life, such as the definition of his/her career, and the choice of the right UNIVERSITY at which to achieve their goals, one feels on the edge of an abyss, at a crossroads, on the shore of a vast sea, not knowing what to do. How to guide a teenager to make the right choice that will mark the destiny of his/her life? How to start the application process to these universities, which is very complicated? How to discover the true passion of your child so that the decision he/she makes is the right one to achieve professional success, which is what we all want?

Many times parents get worn out or frustrated because we want our children to be accepted in the best university of the world, or the state, or the most renowned, and we do not realize that for an individual to be successful in life it is not necessary to attend to the “best” university. Many times we do not realize the potential that our children have to develop in areas we did not even imagine.

We believe that the ATTITUDE of the individual is what will lead to success in life, together with good educational preparation tailored to its measure and grounded in values ​​and sensitivity.

The application process is long and requires a lot of focus and dedication, but the most important testimony I can give is that JC4Education helped us on that path and managed to motivate my son to decide on the perfect fit for his profile. They helped us to discover the hidden power that we had not known about our own son, and helped us search for "his little house" as JuanC says—a little house that will soon welcome him with open arms, and we hope it will be the first step for his professional development that gives him the tools to be successful in life, but above all to be happy and feel confident about himself and his abilities.

JCT4Education offers a strategic plan tailored to each student and family. Do not hesitate to contact them to ask for the help you need, because I am sure it will be extremely useful, and will help achieve the desired university goal appropriate to each student’s need.

- The Quintero Malave Family, Venezuela/Miami, Class of 2021 - 

Sofia Contreras

My name is Sofia. I was studying architecture in Bogota, Colombia, but I was not very happy; I felt it was not my place. A few days ago I received the news that I have been accepted to my top choice university!!! I want to thank Juan Camilo, Carolina, and the whole team at JCT4Education. Without them I may not have even tried… Thank you very much! YOU ARE THE BEST!

 – Sofia Contreras, Bogota, Colombia, Class of 2020 –

Maria Del Mar Nates

Two years ago I heard several of my friends talking about Juan Camilo and his team at JCT4Education. The decision to hire them was the greatest ease of mind for us as parents and for our daughter, since we were unfamiliar with the entire application process. Also, with so many choices of universities in the world we were additionally confused. The counseling is comprehensive and total; they guided us as parents, and Martina as a student; we were not left to clarify anything or figure out our own advice. Juan Camilo, we are very grateful—Martina is happy with the help provided and with the university she is attending. 

A thousand thanks!!!!!! 

– Maria Del Mar Nates, Parent of Martina Zuluaga, Class of 2020 –

Antonia Martinez

The application process for entering college has definitely been the most stressful time of my life. In addition to studying for and taking subject tests, filling out the FAFSA, and writing essays, I had to maintain good grades in order to strengthen my GPA. I have no words to describe what this experience has been like, I can only say it was exhausting and overwhelming. There is no easy way to understand all of these terms and ideas, much less to handle all of this at once. I do not want to imagine what this experience would have been like without JCT4education. They wore many hats, serving as my English teachers, councilors, financial assistants, and psychologists. JCT4Education taught me how to start writing my essays, recommended the best ACT tutors to me, and helped me stay calm when I was close to have a nervous breakdown.  JCT4Education team was there every step of the process. They not only led me by the hand, but they also supported my parents. Without them I do not think I would have been accepted to half of the universities that I now have the privilege to say admitted me. 

Thank you for everything you did for me this year! I do not know what I would have done without you!

– Antonia Martinez, Bogota, Class of 2020  –

Stefano Puccini

Dear Juank and the entire team at JCT4Education, when I made the decision to continue my education and apply for a master’s degree, I was totally frustrated and anxious about the process. I did not know where to start, and I didn’t feel confident. You made me believe in myself and that I was capable and suitable to apply to the schools I wanted to attend. Your energy and motivation made an easier path to achieve what I really wanted. Everything that seemed so challenging and stressful ended up being a great experience that taught me many important things about myself. I am really grateful for the entire group at JCT4Education.
Than you very much and I hope to see you soon.

– Stefano Puccini, Graduate Student, Class of 2017 –

Nuria Puig De Belmont

When Catalina, our second child, told us she was determined to go to study in the United States, the first thing my husband and I thought was: And now, who do we ask for help?? (Just like Chapulín Colorado in the TV show Chespirito!) That same day I remember calling our niece to ask her about her son Cristobal—how did he prepare for the SAT and TOEFL? And how did he choose universities? It was because of her that we reached Juank and his excellent team of professionals, and quickly, Catalina and I made an appointment to meet with him in Miami. From the beginning our daughter was delighted… Anna and Juank were in charge of Catalina and we felt a tremendous relief knowing that our daughter, with their support, was moving toward her goal.
Personally, I found it was fabulous to create a group in WhatsApp, where Juank, Anna, Cata, and us, were able to see the progress; and we were able to see if Cata slowed down—and if she did, immediately I “pushed her!!” The other component I believe helped Catalina is the SAT Seminar in Medellín, Colombia for five days. In addition to having met excellent professors and prepare for the SAT exam, she made new friends… Who would have thought that one of the girls she met at the Seminar will be her roommate in the university this fall!
Once again we confirm the success of JCT4Education’s teamwork! Catalina’s tests were very good, and she was admitted to several universities, which we visited a few months later. She has already decided which university she will attend! We are very excited about this new stage in her life…
Thanks a lot Juank, Anna and JCT4Education! Always!!!

– Nuria Puig de Belmont, Parent, Lima, Peru, Class of 2020 –

Felice Grimoldi

A year ago, when I started researching the application requirements of the universities in the United States, my first thought was, how would I do this myself? I cannot deny that applications could bring a little fear and anxiety, especially the essays. However, after completing the essays was when I realized that this is all a gift of gab, selling myself, having a way with words. Then, I heard about the organization JCT4Education. I learned about their services and decided to submit my applications with them. What I liked the most was the quality of service. Juan Camilo and Carolina are always there for you, as if you are an acquaintance in life. Everything flowed very fast because they and their team know exactly what they are doing. However, you need to devote the time, because the raw material comes from you and they are there to help you shape it. If I were asked if I would use their services again, the answer would be definitely yes, because thanks to them the applications went from being a problem to being a simple task.

– Felice Grimoldi, Cali, Colombia, Graduate Student, Class of 2016 –

David Malca

The transition from high school to college for our children is very encouraging because it means the end of a phase, but it is also quite stressful. We all want our children to go to the best university without having any problems, but that’s not the usually case; the reality is different. There are thousands of children and parents with the same ambitions and therefore in the same situation, and that is when it becomes very important to have the expertise and support of the best: Juan Camilo, Carolina, and the team. The admissions process has great challenges, requires hard work, and sometimes also brings disappointment for parents and children; again, that is when Juan Camilo, Carolina and team come as a great help. Actually, at some point, parents are the ones who need the most support and there we have JCT4 Education backing us up. We only have words of gratitude for everyone on the team… My daughter Jaia is very happy!!!

– David Malca, Parent, Cali, Class of 2020 –

Valentina Rodrigues (Pupina)

Juank, Carito: Thanks for the hard work you guys put in the last year. Because of your unconditional support and help, I am now able to go to the university of my dreams. Thanks for helping me throughout this important process and decision of my life. Without you none of this would have been possible. I will be grateful to you, always.

– Valentina (Pupina) Rodriguez, Student, Argentina, Class of 2020 –

Laura Gomez Rojas

JCT4Education! I wanted to thank you for always being wonderful people who helped me through this important process of my life. I want to say that without you none of this would have been possible. The unconditional support and the excellent work you do cannot be found anywhere else, so today and always I will be eternally grateful to you—for helping me find a better future, for helping me become a better person, and for helping me define my next four years. I hope to have you on my side in what follows because I’m sure this is just the beginning of a magnificent support for the rest of my life.

– Laura Gomez-Rojas, Student, Bogota, Class of 2020 –

Dominique Sumar

We will be eternally grateful for the support and company during my daughter Maite’s application process. The team is fantastic, not only for their great knowledge and experience, but for the great human qualities with which one feels from them at all times.

I appreciate every moment you were by our side. The physical distance did not cause any inconvenience moving forward with the process; and in those moments of concerns and some anxiety, we felt totally supported and made it through successfully.

I hope my fourth daughter wants to apply to a University in the USA so we can be together with all of you again.

All the best, warmest regards to all,

– Dominique Sumar, Parent, Chile, Class of 2020 –

Lupe Del Pilar Rojas

Juan Camilo, Carito, and other team members: As always we are expressing with our hearts the gratitude and pride we feel as parents of Laura, who has received advice from the best. We are also grateful for the bonds of deep friendship that have developed between all of us. Looking at the results, we find that we are exceeding all of our expectations, including by obtaining scholarships. Although she will not use them, it was and will be an unforgettable achievement for her. Thanks for taking her by the hand, for pushing her, for your support during critical moments such as when taking exams, essays, etc., for encouraging her, and for motivating her. She is filled with happiness and satisfaction for having made her dream a reality. Thank you for so much goodness.

– Lupe del Pilar Rojas, Parent, Bogota, Class of 2020 –

The Tobal Family

Dear Juank, we will be forever grateful to you. Manuel felt happy at all times and was confident to ask questions, which made him feel safe throughout the application process. His dream came true and we owe it, in part, to you. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Thank you for your excellent work.

– The Tobal Family, Argentina, Class of 2020 –

Maria Delfina Sangiovanni

Having the advice of Juan Camilo and his team was a tremendous privilege for my daughter. The help she received transformed a process that seemed so uncertain, full of doubts and looming questions, into an easy ride.

My daughter, Manuela Duran, not only was accepted to the university of her choice, but in the process she also obtained significant lessons about compromise and discipline.

Thanks to the perfect blend of firmness, kindness, rigor, availability, and knowledge of the team, Manuela worked hard, achieving her goals and most importantly coming to believe in herself.

Thank you for being there always, throughout these two years, with all the love that we felt at all times.

– Maria Delfina Sangiovanni, Parent, Cali, Class of 2020 –

Bill & Luz Stella Houlzet

As parents, it has been an extraordinary experience working with Juan Camilo. Having him as our consultant and guiding our son, Jean Philippe, through this important process, has been great. It is not easy for a young person to decide what to study, what kind of university to attend, and at the same time, to know where he is most likely to be accepted.

Jean and Juank identified the best options, structured the right strategy, and worked on the whole package that is sent to each university. The results have been excellent. Jean has been accepted into his #1 choice college!!!

Thanks to Juan Camilo and the JC4Education team!!!

– Bill & Luz Stella Houlzet, Parents, Key Biscayne, Class of 2020 –

Jake Nachlas

It is almost unbelievable that I began my first college essay a year and a half ago. Time has passed and essays have been written—plenty I might add—but one thing that always remained the same (and strong) was the support from JCT4Education. The entire staff was by my side throughout the whole process up until the day I got into my dream school, and just saying “thank you” doesn’t illustrate my appreciation and gratefulness for each and every one of them. Staying up until midnight to read essays, playing a quick game of pool at one in the morning when I’m feeling stressed, they really have it all figured out. No, JCT is not only for education. It is for higher education, and saying that it just prepared me and supported me is an understatement. Yes, they really did help me from the beginning, because I remember brainstorming the first sentence of my first essay in RL’s class a year and a half ago. Time has passed and even more essays have been written, and when I got off track, JCT4Education was there to steer me straight. So for that, I thank each and every one of them.

–  Jake Nachlas, Boca Raton, FL, Class of 2020 –

Alexander Aixala

It felt like just a couple weeks ago that I had my first meeting with Juank and the JCT4Education Team back even before my junior year. For the last two and a half years Juank has been pushing me to do my best at everything and to perfect all aspects of my college applications. I remember one time we were talking on a Friday afternoon and he told me to have two full essays written and sent to him to revise for a school by Monday night. Trust me—there wasn’t a smile on my face. Needless to say, at times it was hard work. But when I saw the word “Congratulations!” written as the first word on my admission letter from my first choice school, I knew every minute of perfecting my essays, resumes, applications, and grades had all been worth it.

I really enjoyed my experience with the JCT4Education Team and was very impressed how they stayed on top of me to get all of my necessary work done. Definitely a 5 out of 5!

– Alexander Aixala, Key Biscayne, Class of 2020 –

Mauricio y Karina De Vengoechea

Karina and I want to thank you and your entire team for the professionalism and excellent work done regarding the guidance and preparation of our daughter Mariana, helping her with her application and admission into one of her top choice universities.

I believe that many other families share our gratitude for JCT4Education. It has been a real pleasure to share long conversations about good education, which is certainly the best thing parents can give their children, besides love.

I view all of Juan Camilo’s work with profound admiration; as we are both Colombians, I am proud of the excellent work my fellow countryman does!
Warm greetings,

– Mauricio y Karina De Vengoechea, Parents, Key Biscayne & Colombia, Class of 2020 –

Catalina Diazgranados

To say I am immensely grateful to Juank, Caro and the JCT team is an understatement, not only did they help me with the whole process, which can be cumbersome, but they supported me at all times. Many questions arise when applying to universities, and there is no better team to help resolve them than the JCT team. They are all about commitment and quality, and their dedication was reflected in the results and the positive responses I received from the universities I applied to. I have no words to thank them for their work! Honestly, they are the best at what they do!!!

- Catalina Diazgranados, Colombia -

Andrea Aviles

My parents and I are truly pleased with the help we received from Juan-Camilo, Christian, Diana Navarro, and the rest of the team. Without their help, guidance, support, and encouragement my college application process would have been very hard for me. I felt their support at all times; the team was always available to answer our questions any day or hour. They are a professional, experienced group of people who enjoy what they do and they do their job incredibly well.

I was beyond excited when I was admitted to the majority of the universities in the US where I applied, but being admitted to my top choice school was a dream come true. I’m sure that the quality of my applications was the result of our teamwork.

My sincere thanks to Juan Camilo and his team.

- Andrea Avilés – Class of 2019, El Salvador -

The Morini-Cobo Family

Choosing the right college options for our children can be exhausting and complicated. We cannot thank Juan Camilo enough for his guidance and help during our son´s college application process. We found an incredible team of people to work with. With the support of Carolina Jaramillo and the rest of the JCT4education group we were able to culminate this whole journey with excellent results. Juan Camilo was always on top of everything, permanently in contact with our son, helping when help was needed and celebrating when there was a reason to celebrate. Our son is ready to start this new adventure in his life and he knows that Juan Camilo will be there if he needs anything. Thank you for your ongoing support!

- The Morini-Cobo Family, Class of 2019, Colombia -

Juanita & Daniela Benavides

The college application process in the USA has become increasingly competitive and complex, which is why services, such as those provided by Juan Camilo, have become indispensable. Juan Camilo, right from the outset, provided us with a clear understanding of what was required, and he continued to be a steady source of counsel and reassurance throughout the application process. We wouldn’t have been able to navigate through all the preparations and choices without him. 

Juan Camilo is a true professional. He gets to know his students and their parents extremely well, so that he can find a perfect match between their interests and preferences and the prospective universities. He remains in close and regular contact, is both disciplined and demanding, and organizes his counseling sessions in a timely manner. It is quite apparent that Juan Camilo has an extensive list of contacts throughout the universe of universities in the country, and he helped us tremendously with contacts and schedules for university visits.

We cannot thank Juan Camilo enough. His support and encouragement have meant a great deal to us, and we will forever be grateful for the generous amount of time and care he contributed to our application process. He has become a good friend, and we can recommend him unreservedly.

Thank you, Juan K for all your commitment and support!!

- Karl Lippert & Juanita San Miguel, Parents, Colombia -

Alberto & Beatriz Poleo

As parents of Isabella and Kike, we are truly grateful with Juan Camilo for his great support and advice regarding the college admission process of our children. With our oldest daughter, Isabella, it was a whole new experience since none of us have studied outside Venezuela, where the process of college admission is very simple and with very few alternatives...When the time arrived, we felt completely overwhelmed and confused, the more information we received from thousands of universities the more confusing everything became for us. We did not know where our precious treasure would fit and we only wanted to offer her the best. Here is where Juan Camilo played a very important role in this process, by clarifying our doubts and helping her make the best decision. A year later we had to go through the same process with Kike, who wanted to combine a good college with a good Soccer Program in 1st Division, which was an even more difficult task, but with this wonderful team and with their support, Kike made the decision that most suited him.

Isa is very happy in college, where she completed her 1st year with excellent grades, and most importantly for us, she is very happy! And Kike is about to go to a very prestigious university and the Soccer Program has the number 1 rating in the country! We know that none of this would have been possible without the unconditional support of our dearest Juank! We will always be grateful”.

- Alberto and Beatriz Poleo, Parents, Class of 2018 & 2019, Venezuela -


Arias Family

"Thank you Juank. Time goes by very fast and before we know it we will be going through this process all over again!

Working with all of you has been the best decision we have ever made! Your dedication, time, patience, enthusiasm, and love made us feel fully confident. We were convinced that everything was being done in the best way.

You are already part of our family.”

- Arias Family, Class of 2019, El Salvador -

Sophia Bosoni

I am very grateful and thankful for the help that Juan-Camilo, Christian, and RL gave me throughout my college application process. Their support and devotion to my future has been incredible; the JCT4Education team has all of the resources and help that any college applicant could ever ask for. I got into my first choice university and my dream school, and was also very lucky to get into several other competitive American universities.

 I am impressed and thankful that the team was always present when I had any questions, they were able to help at any time of the day, and they were very organized with appointments and application information. They are professional, dedicated, and most important, were very focused in helping me to complete all my applications to perfection.

 In my applications they helped me to describe my skills and abilities to my greatest advantage. It was an honor to work with them; without their help my college applications would have been very difficult to complete. I would recommend the JCT4Education team to any student applying to university. The team will guide you through the whole process with a smile and help clear up any confusion you might have about applications.

Once again, I thank Juan-Camilo and his expert team for all of their amazing help!

 - Sophia Bosoni, Class of 2019, United Kingdom -

Guillermo Gomez & Catalina Escobar

Earlier this year a great friend recommended us Juan-Camilo Tamayo and his great team, JCT4Education, to be our son's college counselor who is senior in Bogota. I remember how Juan-Camilo first analyzed our family before even having the first conversation with our son Guillermo. Then he had an extensive conversation with our son in order to understand his professional inclinations, his character, personality and background. He looked at all integral aspects of our son before he suggested where to apply. Then together they defined what universities best suited him, building a strong strategy our son had to develop throughout the year.

The JCT4Education team is fantastic! Not only did they prepare our son for standardized testing, essays tips, interviews and so on, but kept him 100% motivated in each and every phase of the strategy. It was a challenging year for him because he applied to great universities in the U.S. in a very complex and competitive environment. Juan-Camilo and his team not only put all their work together and commitment to achieve the results, but we also built a great friendship. Our son was accepted to his first choice, as well as other universities that were in his top choice list. We know that our son did a great job, putting effort and persistence to the process, but having JCT4Education in the equation certainly was an absolute essential element for the outcome. We thank Juan-Camilo and his team for their professionalism!

 - Guillermo Gomez & Catalina Escobar, Parents, Class of 2019, Colombia -

Guillermo Gomez

After the summer of 2014 I knew the college I wanted to attend. It was then that I needed guidance, someone who could help me to navigate the college admissions process. After hearing about Juan Camilo and all that his team has accomplished in helping students get into their dream schools, my family and I decided to contact them. I was nervous about the whole process when I spoke to Juan Camilo and his team, but they motivated me to strive, to succeed, to become someone in life, especially Carolina Jaramillo, the member of the team I most frequently worked with. With the help of Stephen Heiner, a great SAT and ACT teacher, I studied hard for my standardized tests. He motivated me to learn the SAT vocabulary words, the Geometric rules, the style of the exam, and the recurring patterns on the test. Juan Camilo helped me to choose a rigorous school curriculum for the year. After a challenging year of much effort, great news arrived: I was accepted into my dream school. I am very thankful for all of the help this team gave me in realizing my dream.


- Guillermo Gomez, Class of 2019, Colombia -

Anja Martinovic

I can accurately say that Juan is single-handedly the most responsible for my success in being accepted to the university of my choice. If not for him, I doubt I would be this happy and satisfied now. In my 18 years, I haven't met a person so optimistic, full of energy, and endlessly supportive. During the process, even when I was most stressed, Juan supported me.

Juan believed in me more than anyone; he believed in me more than I believed in myself. His support allowed me to not only get through the difficulties of the application process but also to succeed. His strategy was brilliant.

His amazing team helped to prepare me academically and they put in so much work to help my applications be the best they could be. Saying “thank you” hundreds of times is not enough. There are not words enough to thank them. I can’t describe how much I appreciate everything they did, especially everything that Juan did.

- Anja Martinovic, Class of 2019, Serbia -

Leonardo, Royi, Rose and Marie Aljure

“Juan Camilo,” not a name; but the solution to everything that involves academia in my family. We have Juan Camilo on “speed dial,” every time one of my daughters want to go to a coveted summer camp, prepare for an S.A.T. or most recently, get into the college of her dreams, Juan Camilo has not only been there, but he has go it done. I see his success based on results, not promises. Simply put, he is the best of the best and there is not a person I can recommend more to any parent/student than him. He has been the answer to our wishes and we cannot thank him enough. 

- Leonardo, Royi, Rose and Marie Aljure, Class of 2019, Colombia -

Jorge Enrique Puche

I want to thank Juan Camilo and Christian for their great support in this important process. I have learned many things from them, which will be very helpful for me in the future. When making the decision to study English abroad they helped me choose the best university. They are great! I have no words to tell how valuable their support has been for me. They are simply excellent. Thank you!

- Jorge Enrique Puche, Class of 2016, Colombia -

Enrique Barco

As we grow older we encounter decisions, problems, and tasks around every corner. Every choice, no matter how small, is important. These decisions and problems can vary from correcting and sending a simple email to deciding where you will spend the next four years of your life, and eventually, who you wish to become. Unfortunately many of us, like myself, are unable to look as far into the future as we would like. Thankfully, there is a remarkable team that is able to read between the lines and help clear the path for college-bound applicants. Juan Camilo’s team provides the proper tools and assistance to make that happen and their work is extraordinary. Their most exceptional tool is their love of their clients, and their encouragement. It is this drive and encouragement that helped me succeed. 

- Enrique Barco, Class of 2017, U.S.A. -

Rivera Triplets

There are no words to thank Juan Camilo and his team. They helped us throughout the college application process  in an exceptional and extremely professional manner. They also became part of our family; Juan Camilo, with his personality, turned each session into moments full of fun and optimism. We are so thankful for our experiences with Juan Camilo and fully recommend JCT4Education to those interested in receiving the best professional help in finding the right college. For the three of us, they did a wonderful job by motivating us and dedicating all the time the three of us needed...thank you for everything!

- Rivera Sisters (Geovanna, Michelle & Nicole), El Salvador, Class of 2018 -

Rivera Family

Juan Camilo and his team were unfailingly supportive of our family; we cannot imagine how it would have been without JCT4Education, as the application process for university is very complicated. Not only did we appreciate their professional assistance, but also the extensive knowledge that Juan Camilo has regarding higher education was invaluable. At the same time, his charming personality and positive outlook was a light throughout the whole process. The guidance of three triplet teenagers, all at once, is not a simple task, but Juan Camilo and his team knew how to handle this in a fully successful manner. We are confident that anyone who makes the decision to hire JCT4Education will be just as thrilled with the experience. Undoubtedly, we recommend them as the group of professionals that they are. Moreover, we commend their ability to pass on their dedication and passion with their students and families. JCT4Education has made these past months unforgettable.

- Rivera Family, El Salvador, Class of 2018 -

Stacey Mullins

Thank you so much for all your help during those months leading up to that moment my daughter was able to hit the final submit button for her college applications.  Your guidance and ability to keep us on track and not be overwhelmed by the process was amazing.  There are so many fabulous educational institutions out there and you took the time to get to know our daughter, her goals as well as her interests which in turn led you to guide us to the right schools.  You were truly a godsend and we can’t thank you enough.

- Stacey Mullins, Parent, Class of 2018 -

Alara Saygi

JCT4Education Summer Prep was very professional; I improved my SAT results beyond my expectations and I especially benefited from the college essay writing workshops. I also met amazing faculty and students and made many unforgettable memories in and out of the classroom! This program is amazing both academically and socially; I am confident to go into my senior year.

- Alara Saygi, Class of 2019, Turkey/Russia -

Alpha Ngwenya

l had a great time at the JCT4Education SAT Summer Prep. The teachers and the students were accommodating and they treated us like we were more of a family than a cohort of SAT students. The weekend outings were fabulous. If l had to describe the summer prep in one word: extraordinary”.

- Alpha Ngwenya, Class of 2019, Zimbabwe -

Barco-Tafur Family

Juan Camilo, with his great dynamism and charisma makes the often tortuous road to the University a pleasant experience, full of surprises and learning for the whole family. Juan Camilo has been a very effective bridge of communication between us, Parents, and our son Enrique. "JuanK", as we call him at home, has made, through an innovative and specialized learning mechanism, that Enrique himself, find his true path and discover his great potential. It has been a pleasure to work with "JuanK", his work is professional, passionate and simple and thus, is transmitted to our children, which we hope will follow suit in any goal that they intend to achieve! JuanK, thank you for being in our lives!

-  Eduardo Barco & Angela Maria Tafur, Parents, Class of 2018 -

Family Bernal-Acosta

We didn’t know when, how, or where to start when college applications approached.  From the first meeting with Juan Camilo, we felt he was the perfect fit for what we were looking for. Not only did we value his professionalism when handling the application process, but his knowledge, enthusiasm, and charm also made this a wonderful and enjoyable adventure. Interacting with his team was such a wonderful experience; if we were to go back in time and make the decision again, no doubt we would have chosen JCT4 Education.  Thank you Juan Camilo for taking into account each and every detail. We couldn’t be happier with what has been accomplished.


- The Bernal-Acosta Family, Class of 2018 -

Isabella Rivera

Juan Camilo was the guide and great support to me during the process of applying to colleges. Actually, it is impossible to imagine how this same process would have been without the help of Juan Camilo, as I always found in him a feisty and optimistic person who accompanied me and helped me to fulfill my dream. His work is outstanding and flawless. He took me by the hand, step by step, until the achievement of my dream. He is not only a professional at what he does, but Juanca became a great friend to me and to my family, and the person with whom we shared countless times of stress and uncertainty and then, the inexplicable happiness when accepted to the college of my dreams. There are no words to explain how special Juan Camilo is for me and my family, and how much we thank him for all his effort and dedication. I'm sure anyone else who has had the services of JCT4Education agrees with me, that it was the best decision they have ever made; And for those, who are just about to begin with the application process, I recommend the services this team provides, and I guarantee that in the future, you will be thankful for making this decision as well.

- Isabella Rivera, Class of 2017 -

Catalina Llano

It has always been my dream to be a part of the business world. I’ve long believed that the best way for me to help my country overcome structural problems is by receiving the best possible education and using innovative and modern techniques to guide Colombians toward change. In my junior year I felt lost and overwhelmed by the college application process. I wasn't certain about my chances for being accepted to my top choice university. My family and I decided the best possible avenue was to ask Juan Camilo for help. We were in constant contact, in touch via e-mail, Skype, What’s up and  phone calls. He helped me with my application process, taught me how to present myself for an excellent interview, and became a mentor and friend to me. I was accepted into my first choice university and I am certain that Juan Camilo's flawless guidance and support was invaluable throughout the entire process.

- Catalina Llano, Class of 2018 -

Juan Pablo de Lima Bettin

We are eternally grateful for the assistance that Juan Camilo and his team provided us in this important process. His team was fully engaged in all the decisions and steps that every application involved.  Juan Camilo was a full-time support and with his vast experience gave us great confidence to move forward in the best way. The results were excellent, thanks to the effort from all of us and the support from JCT4Education. Again, thank you for all your support.

- The de Lima Family,  Class of 2018 -

Juan Felipe Marin

The journey I embarked on with JCT4Education was surely one to remember. My goal was to find a college where I would thrive: working with JCT4Education, we ended up with something much greater. After many months of vigorous work we were able to submit my college applications, thanks to the constant check-ins from Juan Camilo and Christian, hahaha. When the options were laid out in front of us, I had a myriad of schools to choose from. More importantly, I had many scholarship opportunities. We ended up finding the perfect college for me: not only was I able to achieve my goals, but I also received an exceptional scholarship package. I am so grateful for JCT4Education and I think that anyone willing to invest in their future should seriously consider working with Juan Camilo and his team. Thank you, Juan Camilo, for making this journey seamless.

- Juan Felipe Marin, Class of 2018 -

The Magolnick Family

When we met Juan Camilo for the first time, we had no idea what an important role he would play in helping our son Eric achieve his goals for college. After meeting Eric once and learning what his interests were, Juan Camilo was able to immediately develop a plan of action to identify a list of potential schools and the specific criteria that Eric would need to meet for each. Juan Camilo kept in constant communication with our son throughout the entire process, answering all of his questions, and making sure that everything was completed on time. Without a doubt, Juan Camilo’s knowledge, professionalism and commitment were instrumental in helping our son realize his dream of being accepted to his first choice college.

- The Magolnick Family, Class of 2018 -

- Maria Albarran, Graduate Student, '17 -

There are many reasons why one decides to study a graduate degree and the decision is a different process for everyone. However, what is common to us all is the uncertainty, fear, and in most cases the despair when facing all the available options and how overwhelming the process of deciding what to study, where and how can be. And it is precisely in those moments where the JCT4Education team not only becomes the ideal partner, but also the friend who dreams and works by our side. Their professional experience is the first thing that makes an impression. They are disciplined, informed, rigorous and demanding. But throughout the process their human qualities and the passion with which they assume our challenges make them allies of our projects. Today I can say that my experience with them was absolutely fruitful, we set challenging objectives and we achieved them. But what surprises me the most is the companionship, support and kindness that accompanied us throughout the process.


- Maria Albarran, Graduate Student, '17 -

Alejandra Vega

I have no words to express my gratitude to JCT4Education. They helped me and accompanied me in the most important process of my student life. They made an exceptional work, but over all they where like a family to me. They offered me not only the best service I could have expected, but also constant support; they became the engine that kept me going throughout the whole application process.

I recommend without a doubt the services of this implacable group of professionals, whom with their passion, dedication and energy, will ensure you the best experience through out this important process.

THANKK YOU JCT4Education, I don’t know how I would have done it without you.

 - Alejandra Vega Valencia, Class of 2016 -

Simon Grossmann

The College Application process is very overwhelming and sometimes frightening. It’s a decision that will change your life and define your future. If it wasn’t for JCT4EDUCATION I don’t know what I would’ve done, it completely opened my mind and prevented me from making plenty of mistakes. I definitely  recommend it to anyone who is starting the college application process. It would relief all the stress that comes with it.

- Simon Grossmann, Class of 2017 -

Xavier & Thais Aristimuño, Parents

Juan Camilo is becoming a reference for many parents and students concerned of having their children perform well during the stressful period of choosing the right college for their next 4 years of learning! Juan Camilo represents what a leading teacher must be: an expert who finds in each student their best qualities and best hidden talents to succeed in life.

His consulting job, is not only based on helping future college students with their admission process, but to help them find the best College choice with full confidence. His passion, positiveness and knowledge, brings excellent results and peace of mind to the entire family and through a college admision process makes him slowly become part of your family.

- Xavier & Thais Aristimuño, Parents, Class of 2017-

Christian Daes

"Education is the most important aspect in my adult life. While making the transition to transfer I realized I needed help in getting from point A to point B. When I found JCT4Education, I realized the potential vehicle for success and took immediate advantage of it. Thank you for helping me have a smooth and unprecedentedly efficient ride through my college experience and transfer."

-Christian Daes, Class of 2016-

Natalia Ventura

Juan Camilo's job is exceptional. I loved the fact that he makes the application process easygoing and fun, by becoming a friend who gives advice and support to help make these important decisions. By building an organized structure to follow on the applications, Juan Camilo eases the whole process, calming fears of students on the verge of deciding their future. Personally, I have no idea how I would've managed without Juan Camilo's support. Together, we formed a team and succeeded.

-Natalia Ventura, Class of 2016-

Alice Teodoro, Brazil

Mi familia y yo estaremos eternamente agradecidos por la ayuda que nos brindó JCT4EDUCATION, especialmente con respecto a una decisión tan importante para mi futuro.  Soy una estudiante que estaba perdida y nerviosa pensando en el proceso de aplicar a una universidad, pero junto con Juan Camilo, terminó siendo una gran experiencia.  Fue un privilegio tener a alguien allí, para empujarme y dirigirme hacia el camino correcto. A medida en que nuestro proceso avanzo, hemos creado una estrecha amistad.  Juan Camilo trabaja con cada estudiante para encontrar la mejor decisión para una universidad – un lugar donde estará feliz y exitoso durante los próximos cuatro años de su vida.  El proceso de aplicar a una universidad pasó de algo que temía a una experiencia de aprendizaje y crecimiento, gracias a la profesionalidad de Juan Camilo.  Estoy muy contenta con mi selección de universidad, y estoy muy agradecida por la ayuda y las herramientas que me brindaron.  ¡De verdad, recomiendo JCT4EDUCATION!  Cualquier estudiante puede utilizar la ayuda adicional, la organización, orientación y consejo amistoso.  ¡Obtendrás muchos conocimientos y un gran amigo!

-Alice Teodoro, Class of 2017 -

Javier Gutierrez, Class of 2015

Thank you, Juan Camilo, for making my dreams come true, for your incredible influence in helping people and for giving me the opportunity to work with you. It was a real privilege to have you help me through the process that is changing my life everyday. I will always remember the dedication and focus that you gave me and your kindness to check on me after I was admitted at my number one choice.

 - Javier Gutierrez, Class of 2015 -

Federico Grossmann

It has been two months since I departed my home and established myself in the eternal city. Rome is now the provider of a new set of experiences and knowledge -- knowledge that is necessary for creating a new present that will determine a brighter future. I really must thank Juan Camilo for clearing the fog of uncertainty and giving me the opportunity of moving to distant lands. Because, even if you´re away from what you know or from where you´ve always been, adventure and life await you, if you allow the proper advice to guide you. Thank you once again.

-Federico Grossmann, Study Abroad, 2014-

-Fernando Guardazzi-

Juan Camilo was very insightful and incredibly helpful during the college application process. It was amazing to work with him and to really see how much he cares about the people that he works with. I think that it is fair to say that without Juan Camilo, there is no way that I would have gotten as far as I have. He made the process simple and approachable, sharing his experience at every turn and always making sure that I was on track and that I had everything I needed.

-Fernando Guardazzi, Class of 2016-

-José F. Del Corral, B.S.B.A.-

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everything Juan Camilo Tamayo has done for me. From the moment I met him at an interview in Lynn University, to this day, I still call him for advice on everything that involves my career. Juan Camilo has helped me propel my career in a way I never thought possible. He has been a guide/mentor and has helped me accomplish everything I ever wanted. Meeting him changed my life, I have yet to come across an individual that knows as much as he does. From choosing a university and getting accepted, to finding the right job after graduation, Juan Camilo is irreplaceable.”  

 -José F. Del Corral, B.S.B.A. -

Karolina Marquez

JCT4Education has shaped the path to my future and given me the opportunity to reach my goals. Thank you for the amazing services provided. You have changed my life!

 - Karolina Marquez, Class of 2017 -

Mike Aixala, Brigitte Nachtigall & Family

"There are no words for us to express our gratitude.  You have been such a guiding light for our kids.  You are an incredible professional which is very knowledgeable but what really makes a difference is how involved and dedicated you are to your students.  You become such a big part of their life and they really feel the support you give them not only as a counselor but as a true friend they trust.  You are a real blessing in our lives."

 - Mike Aixala & Brigitte Nachtigall, Parents, Class of 2016 -

Ivana Daccarett

Two months before most deadlines for college applications I decided I wanted to study outside my country. Although there was not much time left I was able to accomplish this goal with the help of Juan Camilo and his team, who were always there by my side supporting me. I had previously heard about independent counselors, but after this process I can definitely say that Juan Camilo is not only this, but rather a friend that is constantly by your side helping you and getting into your position by truly caring about all the emotions you are facing, while at the same time is as involved in the process as you are. Thanks to him and his team I was able to undergo all the stress that applying to college involves. Thank you, I will always be grateful for all your help and dedication!


- Ivana Daccarett, Class of 2017 -

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