JCT4Education SAT® Prep at Saint Andrew’s School


During the weekends, students will travel to the Florida Keys, the Everglades, and various other staples of South Florida’s culture. Saint Andrew’s School is optimally located in Boca Raton, FL. We will take trips to Boca’s Town Center Mall and local museums. Trips will be exciting opportunities to soak up local culture or engage in environmental tourism of new topographies and landscapes. These trips will also be excellent opportunities to develop ideas for college essays as we explore the intellectual and artistic history of Florida.

Weekend excursions will be a fantastic opportunity to explore the culture of Florida. Each weekend will bring creative and critical exploration of a new place in order to understand culture, environment, and history. Students may even find that these excursions are fantastic opportunities for inspiration for college application essays. 

Weekend 1:

For our first excursion we will explore eco-diversity in the Florida Everglades. We will have the opportunity to see wildlife on an air-boat tour and later, learn about Florida’s Native American peoples. Our second excursion will focus on the intersection of nature, culture, and population.

Weekend 2:

In our second week  we will travel to Key West where we will explore the southernmost point of the United States. Beyond a geopolitical analysis of Key West, we will have the opportunity to visit The Ernest Hemingway House and delve into the arts and culture of Key West.