What questions should you ask an Educational Consultant?

Should you consider an educational consultant?

If you have questions about college and university admission and want customized guidance and advice, or if your school does not have university guidance counselors, you should explore the services of an educational consultant.

Perhaps you have some, or all, of these questions:

  • When should a family start talking about choices for higher education?
  • How much does standardized testing really count?
  • Should a student visit every university that he or she applies to?
  • What is the best possible college essay?
  • Should students take AP, IB or Honors classes in high school?
  • Some students need a test of English skill; which one is best?
  • Do certain high school activities impress the admission office?
  • Which teacher will write the best recommendation?
  • How hard is it to be admitted to an Ivy League university?
  • Is a private university always more expensive than a public one?
  • How do you know what major to choose?