What We Do For You

JCT4Education does not offer routine solutions or one-size-fits-all programs.  We have been in Education long enough to know that every student is different, every family is different.  We will work with you individually, supporting your specific concerns and your overall objectives.

Planning services

  • High school curriculum advice and planning
  • Referrals for psychological and aptitude testing
  • Guided research on careers and majors
  • How to develop a thorough college list
  • How to get the most out of campus visits

Application services

  • How to prepare application forms and manage deadlines
  • When to divulge difficult personal information
  • How to handle teacher recommendations
  • Application essay review
  • Preparation for interviews

International services

  • Guidance for international and US students applying to worldwide institutions
  • Guidance for US students applying abroad
  • How to choose the right test of English skills
  • Planning for international financial requirements

Additional services

  • Guidance for students seeking transfer
  • Finding and planning for summer academic programs
  • Assistance with scholarship applications

We want you to be confident that our services meet your expectations and your budget. Contact us to arrange a meeting to explore how our skills and knowledge will fit with the outcomes you want. As with any professional consultation, we want you to be sure that we meet your expectations.

We’ll discuss your needs and devise a plan that works best for your family.  We look forward to working with you.

Please use our Contact Form on this web site so that we can start your plan!

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