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Yanira was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. After finishing high school she moved to California to continue her education at Glendale College where she studied English and Modern Dance.

 While attending college, Yanira worked as Administrative Assistant to a film producer at American General Film Corp., where she coordinated the casting for movies, the locations for the shooting of films, and planning press conferences for theatrical releases.

 Thereafter, she moved back to El Salvador. Yanira invested in real estate industrial property. While there, she was a full-time mom, raised her two children and helped with the administration of the real estate business; at the same time, she started freelance work as a translator and had a part-time job at Berlitz Language Academy as Spanish and English instructor.

 Yanira relocated to Boca Raton, Florida where she continues to work as a language instructor and freelance translator (Spanish <> English); she has over seven years of professional experience translating legal and academic documents (including lease agreements, loan agreements, deeds, property titles, immigration documents, commercial and corporate documents, ads, articles, medical reports, psychological evaluations, and birth certificates).

 When Yanira is not working she enjoys the beach, traveling, good restaurants, yoga, dancing, cycling, and working out at the gym.

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